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"She’s the giggle at a funeral."

- (via prettykindadirtyfacee)

*flips hair*
I might be to punk rock for you

I sit here surrounded by millions but I feel so alone.

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Anonymous: hahaha fuck off desperate cunt anon leave chloe alone, i go to school with her and shes a great chick we arent even close and youre just a dumb bitch, take a chill pill, whoever youre talking about doesnt give a shit about you and youre jealous. cute that your on anon faggot hahaha, honestly id come off anon but i dont want to put chloe in a position where she feels like she has to view me differently for sticking up for her xox have fun being a whore anon xox

I actually love you so much! Thank you!

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Anonymous: Does it feel cool to lose another person? I mean can you even count to ten with the number you have left

Wtf is that supposed to mean??
I have heaps of friends who are sticking by me, so your words aren’t welcome here.

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